Tailored Training

Our Tailored Training Programs for business range from Two-Days to Six-Months and are delivered in house at your premises anywhere across Australia and Internationally. Our objective is to ensure that, you not only love the concepts and ideas you learn, you also have the opportunity to implement these ideas as part of the training days and with our ‘Forever’ offsite support system.

Our Tailored Training Programs Include:

‘Telemarketing Action Program’ (TAP)

TAP Program takes teams from “I do it because I have to” to “I love how my 1st contact call gives me the outcome I planned for and the prospective client continued to be positive throughout the call”. Perhaps it’s because here at Binarix Training we’ve developed the ‘Epicentre Thesaurus’ which all our clients have access to. The ‘Epicentre Thesaurus’ identifies the words that work and words which don’t work when communicating.

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‘Are You Being Served’ Customer Service Action Program (ABS)

ABS is a wonderful Program which transforms team attitudes from “I’m here because it’s my role and I’m going to ask if you need me to help you” to “I’m happy to be here and happy to help you”. A key feature to the ABS Program is gaining an understanding of “how” and “why” people buy and then developing language which works to engage the client and create excitement to buy.

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‘Close the Sale’ Action Program (CTS)

Learn to love Sales. Yes it is absolutely achievable. Business professionals will eagerly state that there are two areas of sales they dislike… “the feeling of rejection” and “sounding too salesy”. 1000’s of participants who have attended our training have given Binarix Training phenomenal feedback in how we assisted them to achieve how to “positively manage an objection into an opportunity” and using language which “engages immediate trust and rapport”.

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‘A Champion Team’ not A Team of Champions Team Action Program (ACT)

ACT is the foundation of an organisation’s success. The ACT Program works with Teams to achieve the ‘extraordinary’ potential of the individual to drive Team success.

‘Be the Change’ Leadership Program (BTC)

BTC is a critical part of all our programs, as the success of achieving training outcomes post-training will be ‘lead’ by the organisation’s leadership teams, including managers, supervisors and team leaders. BTC can be facilitated as a 2-Day Program within any Business Unit within an organisation. The program empowers leaders on how to have 1:1 ‘performance management’ discussions with team members achieving long-term improved attitude and KPI performance outcomes.


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