Customer Service

Customer Service Strategies and Training Programs

Binarix provides a range of customised training, coaching and management programs for “frontline” staff and managers – telemarketing, sales and customer service. These programs are based on a set of effective training principles, developed by Binarix, which we use to develop the training strategies that suit your business, your objectives, and your staff.

Binarix Customer Service Training, Support and Management Programs aims to facilitate the achievement measured outcomes. Our core focus with this program is to assist Customer Service personnel to build stronger relationships with both internal and external customers. Overall our programs aim to achieve the following measured outcomes;

Measured Outcomes

  1. Audit Review CRM strategies with current Sales, Marketing and Operational Management Strategies to improve customer retention rates
  2. Evaluation of internal and external customer needs by implementing “Customer Service” measured Systems and Skills Program
  3. Improve customer satisfaction levels, e.g. implementing customer reward schemes
  4. Increase profitability e.g. implementing “Value Add” and “Cross Selling” Customer Service Strategies
  5. Improve working relationships between customer service staff and their internal customers
  6. Streamline CRM Reporting Systems
  7. Develop Customer Training Systems for in-house applications
  8. Develop Customer Management Systems for Team Leaders and Telemarketing Managers

Services Offered

  1. 1:1 Mentoring
  2. Tailored Customer Service Workshops
  3. Customer Service Management Systems Design, Implementation and Review
  4. Outsourced Customer Service Management
  5. Web-based Customer Service Integration
  6. Customer Service Database Management
  7. KPI Management Systems

The Program’s Value for Participants

The following quotes have being extracted from “Training Evaluation and Assessment” Forms, participants complete at the end of each training session. The feedback is confidential and provided to the Facilitator as part of ensuring the program meets their training expectations;

How has the Training Program assisted you to improve your productivity with working with both your internal and external customers?

“Prior to training I gave little time to understanding problems that warehouse staff were having with customer service staff. They actually felt that they were not appreciated. Putting in place the “Buddy System” has helped build better relationships with the warehouse staff. My productivity has improved by at least 50% because I’m not spending time chasing the answers from the warehouse. They now get back to me after my 1st call with the answer. This makes my job a pleasure!
Source: Stephen


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